The Journey of 10 Years

Dear Friends,

Today marks a very special day – 10th Year Anniversary of Resemble Systems and I would like to share some of the stories behind the journey of Resemble Systems that began on this day, 26th August, way back in 2010 the date when I first got the trade license in hand. The physical office in Bangalore was opened on the 4th of October 2010. Living and employed in Saudi Arabia since 1999, though I used to frequently visit Bangalore due to my father’s hospitalization, and that is when the thought came to my mind on why not to put in a bit of effort to be part of India’s economy by building a company in India and create job opportunities for youngsters to learn and grow along. It came from the thought process of patriotism as well as within the city of Bangalore like everyone else, had undergone the struggle to find a job back in 1997 post my Graduation, wherein had to work as an Accountant for a month before moving to Chennai for an IT Diploma course at SSI and then moved on to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

So the company Resemble Systems was set up with a Plan A, with the business plan to support the Healthcare sector in India, by reselling a SaaS-based dosage calculator.

The system can help physicians understand the best possible dosage for a particular patient based on his/her age, symptoms, and other complications. This was a cloud-based solution designed by a US firm, for enabling physicians digitally transformed because they use a 300-page reference book if at all they refer them prior to the prescribed dosage.

The real challenge for patients were, many at times patients return after few days complaining that dosage or medication was ineffective and the physicians try out something else. So, our idea was to stop such a “trial and error” method as well as save human lives. Unfortunately, early days, I got to know that implementing such a solution in India those days were challenging because, many physicians do not have a computer, if anyone has, then no access to the internet, many hospitals do not want to provide internet to physicians due to misuses or virus threat. We were told to bring computers with the internet as a package but we did not have that capital to invest in.

As the saying goes “80% of the start-up fails in less than 2 years”, keeping that in mind, in a few months, I had realized that this will take longer to establish, so failed fast and decided to better switch to Plan B.

My Plan B was something that made me as I am today. Lotus Notes from IBM. There were enough challenges globally as well as in the Middle East and in India markets when it comes to technical support. Every other client were looking for more support from IBM but due to lack of partner eco-systems, customers were never happier. And here I am, a certified IBM Lotus Instructor thought this is the best business plan for my plan B.

I was one of the few IBM Lotus instructors in the market and that technical expertise became the backbone in the initial days at Resemble Systems.

From an Entrepreneur point of view, my goal was to address the business challenges. In this case, using the IBM Lotus portfolio our goals was to automate manual workflow processes and make departments paperless environment besides providing a secure messaging and collaboration platform. We did a good campaign across regions to bring the customer’s attention and with support from the vendor’s side, we were able to strike a few deals after the 7th month since the company founded. The rest is history as we moved on consistently and steadily. Our foundation tagline still remains the same “Business Value Focused”, that means we want to ensure that we always focus on the business value for our clients who invest in our software solutions or services.

I would like to dedicate this day for my parents who gave me birth on this day (This is a true coincidence that our first commercial trade license was issued on this day) as well as for inspiring me from their entrepreneurship skills and vigor.

I would also like to thank all my colleagues who joined us from day 1 until now for their immense contribution, some of them parted ways after building a great career, and the current leadership team for leading an innovative dynamic team taking this journey to further heights. Thanks to all the vendors for their great partnership and I have to mention a few of them here, IBM, Microsoft, and Nintex for the strategic partnership and support. I cannot end this without saying special thanks to our valuable customers for their unconditional support, helped us run 100% on a customer funding business model without external borrowing. We still serving so many clients who gave us business from our early days that proves our consistency in customer-focused approach and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.

We as ONE Team, consider these 10 years as one of the major milestones for Resemble Systems and looking forward to achieving many more such milestones in the coming years.

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Sivaraman Vasudevan


Humble start and great achievement of this significant milestone, many more milestones to reach as we all walk along together with absolute focus on our Goals & Objectives. We are “ONE Team and ONE FAMILY”

Wish for more……….

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