VLOG # 3, Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to my BLOG on the Definition of Artificial Intelligence which is a hot topic across Industries and Governments. Just another day, Saudi Arabia has announced a $10 Billion FDI and local investment opportunity in Data and AI while building new skill sets of 20,000 people locally. Dubai had already announced a goal that “by 2030, 25% of all transportation trips in Dubai will be smart and driverless.” In view of all such strategy and roadmap, it is important to clearly understand how AI and humans together can play an important role in our future.

Before we understand more about AI, on this VLOG # 3, I have talked about “human intelligence” and how the word Intelligence has been defined by Howard Gardner in his famous paper “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”. I have also talked about some interesting definitions of AI by Professors at MIT.

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As I have mentioned in the video, back in 1983, Howard Gardner defined “Intelligence” as the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings”.

Read white paper “Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences”

In 2017, David Kiron, Professor at MIT, made an important observation that distinction in the field of AI is between “Narrow AI” and “General AI”.

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In case you have missed to watch my VLOG # 1 about collective intelligence, you can watch now here

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